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Hey everyone! Today we thought we would share our thoughts on dog kennels and runs. They can make excellent and safe places for our 4Paw’d family to hang out and relax during the many situations that can come up. For instance; if you have a friend or family member that is scared of your furry family, you can help relieve their worries by simply putting your fuzzy friend in his or her crate or dog run for the duration of your companies visit (however, try not to leave a dog in its kennel for more than 3-4 hours at a time – occasionally they have to use the facilities too you know – and not just to get a drink!). During this post, we hope to share with you some of our likes and dislikes with crates as well as our own dog crate training tips which also apply to dog runs!


Happy Kennels

A k9 family member that has been properly crate trained will be a blessing in more ways than one! However, there is a little work involved in getting that happy kennel vibe going. Here are some basic crate training tips to get you going!

1. Introduce your puppies too crates at an early age with toys and treats. When giving your 4Paw’d family treats, have them eat the treat inside their kennel. In some cases, you can even feed your furry friend his or her full meals inside as this will help to establish the kennel as a positive place in their minds.

2. Leave the crate door open until your puppy or dog is used too being inside the crate! Be patient with your 4Paw’d Family, crates can be scary at first, and they will need time to get used too them. Locking them in too early can cause them to become panicked or scared which will set you back quite a way in your crate training.

3. Don’t use the kennel for punishment. Time outs are okay as long as you keep them brief – think 5-10 minutes- and end them on a positive note such as with play or back rubs.

4. Location, location, location. Your 4 legged family wants to be an active part of the family pack and remain in the action. To make the crate accommodate this desire, place the crate in an area that you and your family spend the majority of your home time. This way your furry pal will be able to relax and still feel like a part of the pack.

The same can be said for chain link dog runs. Keeping dog runs a positive experience will help to avoid the problems of having to try to chase your obstinate 4Paw’d child around the yard in order to coerce them into the dog run. Check up on your furry children regularly! Dog runs are not impervious. Many mischievous k9s have figured out great ways to break free from jail while collecting $200.00 when they pass go! From digging under the run all the way too chewing through cyclone fencing, if they want out it can be hard to stop them (and yes, they can chew through cyclone fencing). Some easy measures can be taken to make sure your 4 legged trouble child stays contained and happy while in the dog run.

1. Place the run in an area where your dogs can see what is going on (remember, they like to be involved).

2. Don’t use the dog run for punishments. Keep it a positive and -when possible- playful experience

3. Feed your furry family in the dog run (treats or regular kibble meals) to get them used too being in it in a positive light! The second best way too your dogs heart is through their stomachs after all!

4. Spend time with them! Dog runs are large enough that often times your pooch will leave a doodoo. While you are cleaning that mess up, don’t forget to play with your pup!

5. For diggers, place paving stones along the interior perimeter of the dog run to discourage them from digging under the fence.

6. Keep the dog run clean! Pick up any dog poop regularly (they don’t like standing or playing in it any more than we like seeing it).


Crate Sizing

Getting the right crate for your 4 legged family is important! Too small of a kennel can leave a dog cramped and uncomfortable (which may lead too your furry family avoiding the kennel whenever possible). Kennels should be large enough to allow your dog to stand up, sit upright, and turn all the way around in a comfortable fashion with about 3-4 inches of spare room on all sides. You want to avoid getting your 4 legged family member too large of a crate however as this can lead to a dog pottying on one end and lounging on the other (and that can be quite a stinky and dirty mess too clean up). Some crates allow you too place dividers in them to allow you too purchase a crate that will fit your puppy while they are small all the way until he or she is fully grown!


Kennel Types

There are a few different types of kennels. Each come with their own sets of pros and cons. Wire kennels, for instance, are typically the most cost effective option and have great breath ability as well as visibility. However, these crates can be troublesome to a dog if a removable floor is not used as they can get their paws pinched or caught on the wire cage floor. Plastic crates are great for air and car travel but can be a bit more spendy. They are the hardest to break out of but also have the least ventilation which can lead to them being quite warm on summer days. Soft-sided crates are the most mobile and can be easily folded when not in use, however they are also the easiest to break out of as most dogs can simply chew or ‘dig’ their way right out. Soft-sided crates however make for excellent temporary kennels while in public places such as on a picnic at the park, or a staycation over at the beach. Wooden dog kennels are typically the most expensive but can lead to some unique and functional furniture in your home that will make for a comfortable hiding spot for your pets as well as a great conversation starter for your friends! Alternatively they can make for great dog houses out in a yard or dog run depending on the style selected. They are also some of the most heavy-duty dog crates on the market!


Nadia and Phoebe’s Opinion

Hey Guys! Nadia here, I am here to just tell you how much I don’t love my crate. I prefer to be free and wild in my home! However, whenever I get put in my crate I know I am going to get a treat! I sure do love my treats too. Grandma makes sure to spoil me rotten whenever I have to be in my crate for any length of time! My biggest complaint about my crate is that I can’t sit on grandma while I’m locked up. My wire crate helps me see around the room easily which helps me stay calm, because I know my pack is still with me!

Hey friends! Phoebe here. Dad took my tennis ball away so that I would tell you all what I think of my kennel. It’s nice to sleep in when I’m tired. I can also hide my tennis balls in my crate. That makes it good. I guess I love my crate really. Sometimes when I get tired or bored I like too just lay down in my crate and watch people walk around the house or watch T.V. After a while though I can normally get someone to play fetch with me! All in all though, my plastic crate gives me a nice escape for when I am starting to feel tired or over excited about treats I am about to get!

Final Thoughts

Whether a small dog kennel for a puppy, a large dog kennel for a Great Dane, or a dog run for a pair of Siberian huskies, your k9 family members will enjoy the rest and comfort provided by their very own room. When purchasing a kennel, or dog run, try to keep in mind the unique personality of your 4Paw’d Family, for instance: Nadia prefers to see what is going on around her while in a crate (which wire crates allow) and may result to a pitiful crying state (it’s so sad to hear) when contained in a plastic crate with poor visibility. Phoebe on the other hand prefers the enclosed feeling of her plastic crate when she is relaxing as it helps her feel more protected from playful disturbances. Different dogs will have various wants and needs with their personal spaces; thankfully however, the pet market is large enough to help us as human guardians take the best care possible of our furry children!


If you have any questions or comments (or maybe feel like we have left out a pro or con for dog kennels or runs), feel free to leave them below! We would love to hear your thoughts!


All the best,

Larry and Mikayla (and Nadia and Phoebe)




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2 thoughts on “Dog Kennels and Runs

  1. I sure like hearing from Nadia and Phoebe. Nadia sure does have that love hate relationship with her kennel. Phoebe sounds like she is pretty comfortable with her’s. They must be really sweet girls.

    1. They are! Thank you for the compliments, we will be sure to pass them along to Nadia and Phoebe via treats!

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