Happy Pit Bulls – (From the Pitty Perspective)

Happy Pit Bulls – (From the Pitty Perspective)

Hey there! It’s Nadia and Phoebe finally! We are so happy to be talking to you guys about things from our perspectives. Mom and Dad (Larry and Mikayla) have told you about us and how we brought them together and made them the happy humans they are today, but today we are going to talk about what makes us happy pit bulls! We hope you are ready for this because it could get seriously interesting for you. You know, hearing our thoughts and all that!

Meal Time

Hey guys its Nadia here, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our meal times. Meal time is one of our favorite things (Especially mine) because well, we get to eat. And who doesn’t love to eat? Well, Phoebe likes food but definitely doesn’t get as excited as me. We get two glorious bowls of food every day and we even get snacks throughout the day when our humans drop food from their plates. They don’t know we do this though so don’t tell anyone ’cause we are super sneaky about it and no one knows we do it but you guys; and that is only because we told you. Even though we get occasional snacks, as soon as we get food in our bowls we are ready to eat but our humans make us sit and wait for an eternity before they finally set them down so we can eat. Sometimes, even once they set them on the ground, they make us wait. What is that all about? Seriously though, can’t they see that we are wasting away? When we finally get to eat, we make sure that we lick every last bit of food from our bowls just to make sure that we don’t miss anything. When we are done eating we go and give our humans licks and hugs in hopes that they will give us dessert! And if we can sneak some dessert, that makes us ecstatically happy pit bulls!


Going For A Walk

Hey guys its Phoebe! Mom and dad said that I needed to take a break from chasing tennis balls and tell you guys about our walks and how it makes us happy pit bulls. I hope you know that this is truly a sacrifice for the sake of love because I really love tennis balls. Anyway, I’m getting off topic… I have a love/hate relationship with walks. I love them because I get to go out and walk my humans and I get to go on adventures. However, I hate going for a walk because it means that I have to leave my tennis ball at home and I can’t have it for the entire time that we are on our walk. Nadia however, loves everything about going for walks. When we go for walks we have to stay with our humans because we are basically tied to them with this thing they call a leash. So, we don’t get to just walk off and do what we want. For some reason, Nadia is totally cool with having to stay with our humans. But not me, I try every chance I get to walk a little farther away so that I can really see what’s out there in the world. Nadia and I are both constantly sniffing everything we pass as we walk because you never know what you may find! If I sniff something, so does she. And if she sniffs something, you know that I have to get in on that. So in truth, we both love walks because let’s face it, they are great. But I will always still love tennis balls more!



Hey guys its Phoebe again! I called dibs on telling you guys about playtime because with my love for tennis balls, this is gonna be a breeze. Playtime is my favorite thing to do! Guys, do you know what playtime means for me? It means that my humans will pick up my tennis ball and throw it for me! How awesome is that? Pretty great if you ask me. They all eventually get tired of throwing the ball but I don’t understand why. How could anyone ever get tired of tennis balls? I don’t know. But we don’t just throw the ball for playtime. Sometimes Nadia and I like to drag each other around the yard with this thing called a rope! That is pretty fun because we are both super strong so its fun to try to get it away from each other. Nadia usually gets it in the end because if I see a tennis ball its all over for the rope as far as I’m concerned. Nadia is good at getting our humans to pull on the other end of the rope that I was pulling on, and that seems to be her favorite way to play. Sleepy-Nadia gets bored and decides to lay down after a little while of playtime, but I could play for days! I would say that over all, playtime makes us very tired but extremely happy pit bulls.


Bedtime… And Treats!

Hey everyone its Nadia again! I thought Phoebe was never going to let me talk to you guys again. I get to talk to you guys about our bedtime. See, just like Phoebe has a love/hate relationship with going for a walk, I have a love/hate relationship with bedtime. I hate it because we have to go to lay on my bed and I can’t be as much of a snuggle bug as I would like to be. But I love it because we get a treat at bedtime! Treats are so yummy that I almost forget how much I hate bedtime. Somehow Phoebe seems to be ok with bedtime, and treats, but doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. I would say that over all, bedtime makes us both happy pit bulls…. But for Phoebe its still mostly tennis balls.


Our Conclusion

All that being said, between meal times, going for walks, play time, and treats at bedtime we are very happy. We aren’t always angry and mean dogs. We are just misunderstood. If you love your pit bull and treat them even half as good as our humans treat us, they will be as happy and loving as you could ever need them to be. Cause let’s face it people, we are spoiled! We love to chew things whenever we get the chance so Mom and Dad have had to find us toys that are very difficult for us to tear to pieces, but eventually we still manage it. If you have been having problems with a very persistent chewer, you may want to try some of these out! Our humans also bought us nice beds to relax and sleep on after we have played. Maybe our cousins at your house might want to try them? A lot of times we even sleep on these beds as snuggling with grandma can get a little to hot (and lets be honest here, Nadia hogs a lot of room on the bed when we try – Phoebe). Our favorite thing though are the treats, Mom and Dad try to make sure that we get treats whenever we are going to bed for the night (…and they are dual action treats that help us keep our teeth clean… Who likes clean teeth? … At least they are treats)!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out!


All the best,

Larry, Mikayla, Nadia and Phoebe





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10 thoughts on “Happy Pit Bulls – (From the Pitty Perspective)

  1. Hearing life from the girls point of view is fun and entertaining. Phoebe is funny with her preoccupation with the tennis ball. Nadia loves here bedtime treats and her snuggle time. They really sound like happy fun loving girls. Loved the post it makes me smile and laugh.

    1. We had a lot of fun interviewing Nadia and Phoebe for their perspective as well! Phoebe was a trick though, we had to listen in between games of fetch!

  2. I agree that pitbulls are misunderstood and given a bad name. I have never had one but some friends have and they were always great friends.

    I always found it offensive when people told me that German Shepherds were mean. Not in a million years. A German Shepherd, like a pitbull, is a great friend and loyal.

    1. Very true, the discrimination against “aggressive” breeds is very disheartening. Treat a dog with love and respect and they will love you back for the rest of their lives!

    1. I am very sure that Nadia and Phoebe agree with you about cats being suspicious! Dogs are called mans best friend for a reason! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Larry, Mikayla, Nadia and Phoebe,
    Great read from the Pit perspective. I have English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and a Mastiff. Lucky for me I live in a rural area so play time means a big bundle of fur with everyone trying to get the most fun. I think I win because until you have seen a Boston tackle a Mastiff, you have not lived.
    The Pits look healthy and happy, and the breed has proven over time to be great family pets and are safe. But, even with my Boston T’s, care must be taken when strangers stop by.
    Continue the good life!

    1. Wow! sounds like you have some serious fun! We definitely agree about taking care when strangers stop by for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Your dogs are beautiful!! Yes, Pitts get a bad name. Our Pit is a BIG BABY, full of love, & loves being around people, & NON AGGRESSIVE. Thanks for sharing your babies.

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