Pet Clothing For Dogs

Today, we are going to talk about pet clothing for dogs! There are many types of clothing for dogs to choose from. There are clothes for big dogs, clothes for small dogs, Halloween costumes for dogs, and holiday clothes for dogs. Today we are going to be talking about how we use these types of clothing for the 4paw’d friends in our lives.



Clothing For Large Dogs

Clothing for large dogs is something that really comes in handy for us since we have two pit bulls that love sweaters, jackets, and even robes. They are not huge fans of shoes or booties though. The fact that they like clothing is kind of funny because most dogs don’t like it very much. You know how in the movies the dog that is all dressed up talks about how humiliated they are for being dressed in those “ridiculous clothes”? Well, if Nadia and Phoebe could talk, they would be saying how much they love their clothing and the way they look absolutely fabulous in them. They even have rain jackets that they insist on wearing when it’s raining outside because they hate the rain. Phoebe hates it a little more than Nadia; however Nadia doesn’t want to feel left out by not wearing her rain jacket. Rain jackets make great clothes for big dogs because they are easy to put on and take off. Before we had dogs, we both felt that dog clothing was kind of ridiculous, unnecessary and borderline humiliating for the dogs. However, now that we have dogs that love clothes so much, it’s fun to buy them clothes and surprise them with new ones. It’s kind of like shopping for your kids. Picking out cute clothes for your little ones is always fun and in truth, having dogs is just like having a kid that never grows up.


Clothing For Small Dogs

Clothing for dogs isn’t just for the large ones, it’s for the small ones as well. For instance, Nadia and Phoebe have a roommate by the name of Reese who is a small Pomeranian. He is Phoebe and Nadia’s uncle and currently lives with their grandma and them. He has a vest that he loved to wear in his younger days. When Gram would put it on him he would strut around the house with pride because he was looking sharp, and he knew it, and wanted everyone else to know it as well. He loved to wear it to lounge around the house, go on walks, and even to go out on the town! The vest actually came from a teddy bear dressed as a boy scout. Clothing for small dogs seems to be a little easier to find in stores and even on the internet than clothing for large dogs. We believe this is because people generally see big dogs as “tough” and little dogs as “accessories”. For example, when people see a German shepherd they think of the police, whereas, when they see a chihuahua they think of “Legally Blonde”.


Holiday Dog Apparel

Holiday apparel is so much fun to shop for and give to our fur babies. This last Christmas we got Nadia and Phoebe each a robe with snowflakes on them for after their bath times. They tend to get very cold after their baths and like to stay wrapped up in their towels for as long as possible. The robes are handy because they allow them to walk around the house and still be warm. Not to mention, they are super cute in their robes. That’s a plus. We saw these Santa costumes and reindeer antler headbands as well but we wanted to get the robes more because they were more practical for the time being. At thanksgiving, we even found some turkey leg headbands and those would have been cute and funny but we didn’t know how they would feel about something on their heads quite yet (we are still trying to warm them up to the idea). They do better with actual clothing. Holiday dog apparel is not only fun to shop for but it is extremely cute to see your dog all dressed up in it as it adds to the holiday excitement!



Halloween Costumes For Large Dogs

Shopping for Halloween costumes is another fun one. We personally really like this one because you can dress your dog as anything you want them to be. We have mostly gotten Nadia and Phoebe super hero costumes because we are fans of a lot of the super heroes. Nadia has a batman costume with a tutu and she likes it except for the fact that the tutu gets in her way. She has tried to tear it more than once. Phoebe has a Super Woman costume that also has a tutu and she doesn’t have much of a problem with the tutu as Nadia does. This last Halloween we got Nadia and Phoebe pumpkin sweaters and they loved them however Nadia ended up tearing hers. We aren’t sure how she did it but she seems to be a little harder on the clothing that we get her. Whenever we discover that she has wrecked some of her clothes she just looks at us like “You know you love me so you can’t mad”. It is hard to find Halloween costumes for large dogs however because all of them tend to be taken by the time we get to the store. Some fun costumes we have seen (especially for pit bulls) are a lion costume, a Chewbacca costume, a Darth Vader costume, and the droid BB-8 costumes (yes we like StarWars a little bit). The main point for large dog costumes though is to have fun! Be experimental, try dressing your dog up as a hot dog for the day!


Final Thoughts

Whether you dress your dog every day, occasionally, or not at all, they will still love you. Dressing your animals can be fun especially during the Halloween and Holiday seasons. It can be fun and entertaining, just don’t forget that sometimes it is practical as well. For example, rain jackets are great for keeping them dry and warm on cold and wet days. Not to mention, if they are sheltered from the rain they are less likely to get that wet dog smell! They love their costumes during the holidays, their football jerseys during the summer, and their rain coats whenever the sky shower turns on. The NFL dog jerseys are most commonly what Nadia and Phoebe prefer to wear as they are typically a nice light material that can help fight off brisk mornings without being overly warm for an active and playful pit-baby (they can also be found in almost any team colors so don’t forget this important way to support your favorite team!).


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out!



All the best,

Larry, Mikayla, Nadia and Phoebe





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2 thoughts on “Pet Clothing For Dogs

  1. Both girls have their team sport shirts also and I think this is their favorite. Phoebe seems to really enjoy having a shirt or sweater on when it is cold. And she is a lot more willing to go outside if she has on her coat. It is fun to see them in their cloths and to know that they enjoy wearing them.

    1. Very true! Sometimes when it is cold enough Phoebe wont even go outside without her sweatshirt! I think Nadia just likes to be kept in the loop with clothes though because she does try to take them back off after a bit! Thanks for the comment!

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