Tent Camping With Dogs – Checklist

Tent camping with our furry family is one of our favorite summer activities! Today we thought we would share our checklist for tent camping with dogs to help you avoid some of the hassle with planning out an awesome summer adventure!

Tent Camping with Dogs

Bringing your furry family member tent camping with you can lead to some of the best family memories you will have to look back on. When we took Nadia and Phoebe camping for the first time it was a mid spring weekend in the Oregon coastal range. The nights and mornings dropped below 40 degrees and the days peeked in the mid 50s. Nadia enjoyed the weather wrapped up in her little jacket, but Phoebe just wanted to keep warm in her sleeping bag. In the mornings we would get some food warming over a camp stove to start our day while we double-checked our day packs for a nice hike. Little miss Phoebe wouldn’t get out of bed until her food was warmed and ready for her. Nadia was up as soon as we were just enjoying the smells of the forest and being right in the middle of the things. Pretty soon everything was cleaned up and we were headed out on a little hike through the forest to see where the trails would take us. Whenever we think about camping, these are the trips that come to mind. Just us and our beloved 4Paw’d family members out enjoying God’s creation in the beautiful outdoors!

Tent Camping Checklist – For Us

Here is a tent camping checklist for items that we like to use! Each trip is has its own requirements and so you may need to modify this list to fit your needs.


    • [] Tent
    • [] Tent Footing (tarp under tent to protect against moisture)
    • [] Stakes/Tent Poles
    • [] Ground Cover (tarps, etc…)
    • [] Cord/Rope
    • [] Axe
    • [] Hammer
    • [] Broom/Brush and Dust pan
    • [] Camping Chairs
    • [] Folding Table(s)
    • [] Ground Mats (for wiping shoes outside of the tent)


    • [] Sleeping Bags
    • [] Pillows
    • [] Sleeping Pads (The larger they are the more room to share with your K9 family members)
    • [] Extra Blankets


    • [] Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, etc…)
    • [] Food
    • [] Camp Stoves
    • [] Fuel/Propane
    • [] Lighter/Matches
    • [] Water In Water Jugs
    • [] Water Purifier/Filter
    • [] Thermos For Each Person
    • [] Water Bottles
    • [] Coffee and Coffee Pot
    • [] Pots, Fry Pans, and Lids
    • [] Spatulas/Tongs/Serving Utensils
    • [] Knives
    • [] Can Opener
    • [] Oven Mitts/Pot Holders
    • [] Disposable Utensils/Plates/Bowls/Cups
    • [] Scissors
    • [] Paper Towels/Napkins
    • [] Cooking Oil/Spray
    • [] Condiments (Ketchup, Syrup, Hot Sauce, Salt, Pepper, Seasonings, etc…)
    • [] Garbage Bags
    • [] Aluminum Foil
    • [] Air Tight Food Storage Containers
    • [] Dish Soap/Hand Soap
    • [] Dish rags/towels
    • [] Cleaning Sponges/Scrubbers

Personal Items:

    • [] Jackets/Sweatshirts/Rain Jacket
    • [] Set of Shirts
    • [] Set of Pants
    • [] Swim Suit
    • [] Set of Under Garments (Socks, Underwear, Bras, etc…)
    • [] PJ’s
    • [] Flip Flops / Crocs
    • [] Towels
    • [] Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner
    • [] Brush/Comb
    • [] Razor/Shaver
    • [] Deodorant
    • [] Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • [] Feminine Products
    • [] Laundry Bags
    • [] Camp Shower/pump/bag (For camping away from a campground)
    • [] Make-Up/Remover
    • [] Sunscreen/Chap-stick
    • [] Bug Repellent/Spray
    • [] Regular Medication
    • [] Boots And Extra Pair Of Shoes
    • [] Hat/Bandanna/Sunglasses
    • [] Life Jackets

Travel/Safety Gear:

    • [] Cash
    • [] Personal Identification
    • [] GPS/Compass/Maps
    • [] Lantern/Flashlight
    • [] Lantern Fuel/Batteries
    • [] Fire Extinguisher
    • [] Umbrellas/Rain Ponchos
    • [] Sanitizing Wipes
    • [] Whistle
    • [] Travel Sewing Kit
    • [] Knife/Rope/Bungi-Cords
    • [] Duct Tape/Electrical Tape
    • [] Shovel
    • [] Battery Operated Radio
    • [] 2-Way-Radios
    • [] Day Packs (fanny pack, back pack, etc…)
    • [] Bug Sting Kits/Snake Bite Kit
    • [] First Aid Kit
    • [] High Visibility Vest
    • [] Road Flares/Glow Sticks
    • [] Extra Drinking Water
  • Do not forget to tell friends and family where you are going and what your itinerary is. In case of an emergency, or if something happens, they will know when to come and rescue you!

Tent Camping Checklist – For Our 4Paw’d Family

Wait, turn the car around! We can’t forget our furry four legged family members!


    • [] Sleeping in the Tent with Us
    • [] Portable Dog Pen
    • [] Portable Dog Carrier/Crate


    • [] Doggy Sleeping Bag
    • [] Doggy Sleeping Pad
    • [] Dog Bed
    • [] Tarp (For under the Dog Bed if sleeping outside to keep ground moisture out of bed)
    • [] Extra Blankets


    • [] 1.5 to 2 times The regular amount of dog food per day
    • [] Snacks and Treats
    • [] Air Tight Food/Snack Storage Containers
    • [] Plenty Of Drinking Water
    • [] Food/Water Dishes


    • [] Tennis Balls
    • [] Tug-of-War Rops
    • [] Favorite Chew Toys
    • [] Greenies Tooth Brush Treats

Clean Up Supplies:

    • [] Hand Wipes
    • [] Air Freshener
    • [] Poop Bags (Bring Extra)
    • [] Brush/Combs
    • [] Dog Towels

K9 Safety:

    • [] Leashes (3.5Ft. or shorter for most hiking trails, 6-8Ft. for around camp)
    • [] Stakes to tie off leashes to for around camp
    • [] Highly Visible Jackets/Vests/Booties (Don’t let your 4Paw’d Family be mistaken for wildlife)
    • [] Life Jackets for any water sports/activities
    • [] Routine Medications and Prescriptions
    • [] First Aid Kit
    • [] Dog License ID Tag/Rabies Tag/Papers
    • [] A List Of Veterinarians Nearest To The Camp/Activity Site

Nadia and Phoebe’s Thoughts

We really enjoy getting to go and experience nature with our 2Paw’d humans. Getting out and exploring with mom and dad is always an interesting experience because dad always forgets something important and spends at least a few hours trying to figure out a way around it. Like the last trip that he forgot the can opener and had to use a hammer and a screw driver to open the beans! The tent can be a little scary for us when it is being set up and when it is windy, so mom and dad make sure to give us a little time to get used to the tent before each camping trip to make sure that we will be okay once we are in the field. After a long hard day of playing and hiking though it sure is nice to come back and relax in our sleeping bags while mom and dad get our dinner ready for us (that’s right, they spoil us with warmed up food when its cold out!). Then we try to sit in their laps while they sit around the campfire watching stars. Mom and dad think we are getting a bit big for that… but we disagree, we are perfect lap puppies!

Go And Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

Get out this summer and treat you and your furry family to some awesome adventures! Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and enjoy the scenery with your furry family!

If you have any questions or comments (or maybe feel like we have forgotten a great piece of gear), feel free to leave them below! We would love to hear your thoughts and about your camping trips with your 4Paw’d Family!


All the best,

Larry and Mikayla and Nadia and Phoebe








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