Tent Camping With Dogs – Checklist

Tent camping with our furry family is one of our favorite summer activities! Today we thought we would share our checklist for tent camping with dogs to help you avoid some of the hassle with planning out an awesome summer adventure! Tent Camping with Dogs Bringing your furry family member tent camping with you can […]

Dog Kennels and Runs

Hey everyone! Today we thought we would share our thoughts on dog kennels and runs. They can make excellent and safe places for our 4Paw’d family to hang out and relax during the many situations that can come up. For instance; if you have a friend or family member that is scared of your furry […]

Pet Clothing For Dogs

Today, we are going to talk about pet clothing for dogs! There are many types of clothing for dogs to choose from. There are clothes for big dogs, clothes for small dogs, Halloween costumes for dogs, and holiday clothes for dogs. Today we are going to be talking about how we use these types of […]

Happy Pit Bulls – (From the Pitty Perspective)

Happy Pit Bulls – (From the Pitty Perspective) Hey there! It’s Nadia and Phoebe finally! We are so happy to be talking to you guys about things from our perspectives. Mom and Dad (Larry and Mikayla) have told you about us and how we brought them together and made them the happy humans they are […]

Why Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs

Why Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs – Dogs Are 4Paw’d Family After All To discuss why pit bulls are good dogs, we must first talk about what makes a dog good. So what does makes a dog good? Is it their calming presence when we are upset? Their playful nature? The constant companionship they provide […]

About Us

Welcome to 4PawFam where all our 4 paw’d friends belong in our hearts and families!   About Us Hi, I’m Mikayla. I am currently a licensed massage therapist and I enjoy spending time with my husband Larry, and our two beautiful pit-bulls Nadia & Phoebe. Nadia came to me from my older sister and her […]