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About Us

Hi, I’m Mikayla. I am currently a licensed massage therapist and I enjoy spending time with my husband Larry, and our two beautiful pit-bulls Nadia & Phoebe. Nadia came to me from my older sister and her family in the year of 2015 when they moved to another state. I was unsure how I was going to take on the responsibilities of such an exuberant and mischievous pit-baby (yea, without enough exercise she remodeled my living room by using my blinds for a hammock while trying to transmute my headphones into a new wireless brand called CHEWWED). Needless to say I was overwhelmed being a 21-year-old single mother to the most amazing and sometimes overly excited ‘Naughty Nadia’ – the pit-bull. All of that being said, I am immensely grateful to have her in my life as she got me through some emotionally tough times while reuniting me with my best friend (and now husband – Larry … YAY!).

Hi, I’m Larry, I am currently the general manager of a local pest control company in the Portland, OR. area and I enjoy doing life with my wife Mikayla and playing with our overly energetic pit-bulls Nadia & Phoebe. I purchased Phoebe from a breeder near my hometown. I had never thought of owning a pit-bull until I heard this little girls plight. When I found out that the breeders were going to put her down if she did not get adopted soon I quickly went to her rescue. Utilizing my non-existent parenting skills, I brought up this energetic red ball of fluffy goodness as best I could. The first month of having her in the house was amazing and tiresome due to the constant needs of a true baby. Her 10 week old little self needed constant attention and potty trips no matter the time of night. As Phoebe grew, I started taking her to parks to meet other people and dogs to make sure she was well socialized and well-behaved. This led me to reuniting with a life long friend (and now wife! Mikayla the beautiful!) who was struggling with balancing her life and the needs of her protege Naughty Nadia.

Hi, we are Nadia and Phoebe! We are the pit-bulls behind our parents marriage. The reason for their existence… we think… We were friends at first site, although Nadia was a bit of a grumpy food hog when we first moved in. But dad fixed that with careful planning and structuring of our feeding habits. With a few small life adjustments we are now besties who can share everything except our biscuits (we eat them so quickly we are not even sure what they taste like … Yummy!).



(Phoebe top / Nadia Bottom)

Why 4PawFam Exists

4PawFam exists to help the community around us by sharing our experiences, our successes, and our setbacks. We are also here as a pet resource to help our readers find the best and most durable products that we have found and used for our fur babies!


Our Goal

Our goal is to be a resource for the 4 paw’d families in our community to find the best, most durable, and environmentally friendly toys and supplies out there!




If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Larry and Mikayla


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  1. Hello Larry & Kay.

    Loved your about me page. There is definitely lots to love about these two family members that overshadows the trouble they like to get into. Love how they brought you back together. I look forward to more posts from you and your lovely adventures.

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