Why Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs

Why Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs – Dogs Are 4Paw’d Family After All

To discuss why pit bulls are good dogs, we must first talk about what makes a dog good. So what does makes a dog good? Is it their calming presence when we are upset? Their playful nature? The constant companionship they provide when we are feeling glum? The cuddles and licks they deliver to us on a daily basis? Is it that no matter if we are gone for a second or for several hours at work, they will be so overjoyed to see us when we return that they may lose themselves to their excitement just at the mere sight of us? We at 4PawFam believe that a good dog is a combination of all of these attributes, and maybe a few more!


Well Raised Pit Bulls Love People

From the puppy stage pit bulls require constant attention and positive reinforcement (lots and lots of praise, and maybe a few treats, whenever they do something right – make them love doing good!). It is very important to limit the use of any negative disciplinary actions (such as slapping, hitting, withholding meals, etc…) as this may cause the puppy to fear human reactions which can lead to an aggressive pit bull situation in the long run. However, if you treat them with love and respect (because they will be large and powerful animals when fully grown) they will in turn give you their undying love and affection. It is just like our human relationships, if we love and respect other humans, they will be more likely to love and respect us in return. It is important to treat our pets as we would treat any other family member for the sake of their development as an actual member living in a family environment.

When pit bulls are raised in a loving environment they will not discriminate in their love, rather they will be so overwhelmingly in love that people will have a hard time keeping it contained without being thoroughly licked. They will often times consider themselves perfect lap dogs and will attempt to cuddle with you at almost every opportunity much to the dismay of their owners (they aren’t always the lightest furry friends).


They Have A Fun And Playful Personality

These wonderful fur-babies have some of the most energetic and playful personalities around for dogs. Often times they will play tug-of-war with you until you drop, or will chase a ball around the yard until they can’t run any further. Sometimes they just love to race around their yard as fast as they can (and they sure are speedy when they want to be). However, playing with them does far more than just wearing them out. Playing with a pit bull also teaches the furry family member how to behave and play appropriately with others. Like children however, they should be kept from play-fighting with other animals as these moments can quickly turn from playtime to a fight for dominance or a bid for jealousy over attention or maybe a toy. Healthy play can reinforce our relationship with our pets as well keep them properly exercised (which will help keep them from eating the T.V. remote or furniture).


They Do Not Require A Lot Of Grooming

One of the best features of having a short-haired k9 family member is that they do not need a lot of grooming. That being said, don’t think you will get away without ever finding hair around the house as pit bulls shed just like most other dogs. Aside from the shedding of small hairs everywhere, these furry friends do not require the intense level of upkeep that their longer haired cousins are infamous for. Usually a quick brushing will help dust them off as they can be quite tenacious about laying in dirt during the warmer months.


The Pit Bull Smile

Have you ever noticed your dog smiling like the joker while staring at the box of dog biscuits? No? Us either, but we have noticed our pit babies Nadia and Phoebe don a goofy looking grin across their faces while their tails start to wag a million miles an hour (causing many a coffee table to be cleared instantaneously we might add) when they get excited. Pit bulls seem to be particularly adept at making these smiles beam across the room at the object of their focus to the amusement of all around! The pit bulls ability to smile helps them to express their emotions in a unique and wonderful way that helps them to connect so well with their human families. Some people think that pit bulls are only mimicking the humans around them or maybe just trying to earn a treat, but we believe that these dogs are capable of a deeper connection to people than people may realize. These dogs may be the mirror image of the emotional state of the people around them. They smile with the love that is given them, eager to share with the world the love they receive.


So Why Are Pit Bulls Good Dogs?

To say that all pit bulls are good dogs would not be true. It is true that they are what we as people make them. They can be wonderful and loving, or they can be shattered into a broken life. Pit Bulls are not naturally malevolent but are merely a mirror of our emotional state.

They love people regardless of our biases or prejudices towards them. We must take the responsibility of raising them seriously, if we don’t we can break one of the most loving creatures that the world will ever know, if we don’t we will lose a gift we will never get back. The love of the most loving animals.

So why are pit bulls good dogs you ask? They are as loving as they are loved, as playful as they are played with, low maintenance until they see some dirt to roll in (yes we mean you Nadia), and because of their smile that displays for the world to see that they are unique individuals with loving personalities.




If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out!


All the best,

Larry and Mikayla (and Nadia and Phoebe)







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2 thoughts on “Why Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs

  1. Thank you for your article on Pit bull breed, from the news I have seen I have a negative stereotype in mind about this breed. It’s good to hear that they have a happy disposition. I will consider this when I think about getting another dog.

  2. I am so in love with my girls. Yes I call them mine even though I know better. I love how they cuddle with me, lick my face, talk with me, and find creative ways to communicate their wants and needs. They give an endless amount of love and affection. Even when they roll in the dirt and I am irritated because of it, they just look at me and as if to say “you know you love me” wag wag wag that tail. I use to be afraid of this breed but these two have changed every misconception I have had.

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